One-Day Builds

Night Lamp
Laser Cut Wood, Brushed Acrylic, LED Strip, Magnetic switch
Cardboard Calipers/Bussiness Card
Lasercut, handcrafted, low-cost, functional cardboard calipers
Drone Delivery
Code automated payload delivery by drone
Copper Jewelry Design
Two rings and a pendant build from copper wires and brushed plexiglass
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Week-Long Projects

3D Printed Optical Glasses
Optical Glasses 3D Printed with Ultimaker 3
Boring FlameThrower
Designed and 3D Printed, Functional "Not a Flamethrower" Replica
3. Red Bull Flugtag
Handmade Fokker Dr.1 Plane Replica which actually flew for seconds
Fokker Dr.1
Scale Model (1/10)
Lazer cut
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CoDesign In Şişhane
Spacial installation workshop collabrated with Netherlands Consulate and Beyoğlu Municipality
The Sentient Space
An interaction and space design installiation as a part of MATERIART workshop series.
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